**MC -- Manhattan Center

**33rd  -- Mary Lindlay school 33rd between 2nd and 3rd ave. 


Monday - MC 

6:30  5th grade boys

 7:30 7th grade boys

7:30 8th grade boys Blue team


Tuesday - MC

6:30 JV and Varsity girls

7:30 7th grade boys


Tuesday - 33rd 

6:30 6th grade boys

7:45 8th grade White team


Wednesday - MC

6:30  5th grade boys

7:30 Varsity Only girls

7:30 7th grade boys


Thursday - MC

6:30 6th grade boys

7:30 8th grade Blue team


Thursday - 33rd

6:30 5th/6th grade boys and girls

7:45 6th/7th grade boys


Friday - 33rd 

8:15 8th grade White team


Saturday - MC

12:30 9th grade

2:00 JV girls

3:00 Varsity girls


Saturday - 33rd st

8:00 AM 8th & 9th grade

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East Side Escalades AAU Basketball Club