Fall/Winter 2018/19 Tryout Schedule

Monday June 11th PS 183.. 419 East 66th Street (entrance is on 67th st)

630 pm Girls 3rd to 5th grade 

630 pm Boys 3rd to 5th

830 pm Girls 6th to 8th 


Weds June 13th  PS 116 .. 210 East 33rd st between 2nd and 3rd ave

630 pm Girls 3rd to 5th grade  2017-2018 grade 

730 Boys 3rd to 5th  grade  2017 2018 grade

830 Boys 6th to 8th  2017 2018 grade



Weds  June 20th   PS 116 33rd st 

630 pm Girls 3rd to 5th Grade

730 Boys 3rd to 5th grade

830 Girls 6th to 8th grade

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East Side Escalades AAU Basketball Club