"Coach Mike was the travel basketball coach for both of my boys over the past two years, and he ran regular weekly skills building sessions that they took part in (my sons are ages 14 and 11). Mike knows how to coach basketball the right way - no zone defense played here - it's man to man all the time - exactly what younger players need. On the offensive end, he stresses the team game - movement, back cuts to the basket, passing, picking, etc. His skill building sessions are terrific as well - after two years with Coach Mike I am so pleased that I have two emerging players that have learned how to play fundamentally sound basketball. The kids he coaches all seem to genuinely enjoy his sessions too. What more can you ask for than that?"


- Larry O., Parent 

      "Mike is a generous, supportive, knowledgeable basketball coach. I feel lucky to have found him as a coach for my 11 year old daughter."


- Karen O., parent *

      "My son, now in 6th grade, has been coached by dozens of coaches in several sports, and Coach Mike teaches, inspires, counsels, and coaches as well as anyone that I have ever seen. Mike is a role model. Players and parents alike respect him, enjoy his company, and learn from his experience. Coach Mike exemplifies youth sports at its absolute best."


- James S., parent*


      "We are quite fortunate that our son has been coached by Mike for the last three years. Mike is a highly skilled coach who understands both the physical and mental aspects of the game. He has an excellent rapport with each of the boys on our team and has earned their respect. After a weekend game, Mike will often open the following week's practice with a discussion about what the team did well or not so well during the game. He asks the boys to offer their opinion which is a wonderful way to make them buy in and take ownership. They also get a chance to learn from each other's perspectives. Mike truly wants to build a successful team, and has been careful to architect the team so that everyone has a pivotal role, rather than become overly reliant on one individual player. Last year, our son's team won the 7th grade Championship in their division."


- Cathy and Amir, parents*


      "[Coach Mike] has been coaching my two boys for three years now. My children love attending his practices and competing for him. His knowledge and passion for the game is extraordinary. His ability to coach young boys especially (we know how difficult can be at times to keep their attention) is a gift. I fully support coach Mike and all he does for our kids."


- Nicholas T., parent *