Summer program consists of 1-2 practices a week and will include 2-3 Select College Exposure Tournaments.
Saturdays June 12th and 19th Rising Freshman to Seniors.
Girls 2pm, Boys 3pm
Trevor School 1 West 88th Street.



The East Side Escalades are one of the premier travel/AAU basketball programs in NYC.   We have girls and boys competitive basketball programs for ages 8 to 17. 

  Our practices emphasize Basketball IQ Defensively and Offensively and individual skill work. 

  The factor that differentiates us from other programs is that every team runs a progressive system that gets more complicated as the teams get older. No one player is the focus, we about about ball movement and team play   We are truly playing positionless basketball

 On the defensive side our default defense is  Man to man. We believe that all players need to learn Man to Man principles long before any Zone defense is introduced. We let the school teams  introduce zone to our players.

 Our boys and girls fill the ranks of High School and College rosters.  The disciplined play we teach travels and most players do very well in their school programs. 

 Our program Director has more than 20 years of experience and we hand pick our coaches to make sure they will stay true to playing the right way. 

  If you need more info please contact the numbers on top of the page.